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1th Division German Elite League - Deutsche Eishockey Liga - "1. Bundesliga" 04/05
organised by - organisiert durch

German Elite League Playingmode Company, Inc
DEL SpielbetriebsgmbH

Deutsche Eishockey Liga Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Heumarkt 52
50667 Koeln
Commisionär: RA Tripke
official Homepage:

The Teams

Mark: All Times are CET (Central European Time) !
Alle Zeiten sind MET (Mitteleuropäische Zeit) oder MEST (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit) !

Augsburger Panther

Limited Company

Augsburger Panther Eishockey GmbH
Rehlingenstraße 4
86153 Augsburg

Managing Direktor and Manager for Press: Karl-Heinz Fliegauf (till April 2005)
Manager for Sports: Lothar Sigl
Manager for Marketing: Manfred Fiedler
Manager of Office: Monika Rehberger - aen 12.10.02

Trainer: Benoite Laporte (till March 2005)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 - 16.00
official Homepage

Eisbären Berlin - Polarbears Berlin

Limited Company

EHC Eisbären Berlin Management GmbH

Managing Director:David Kornett
Manager for Sports: Peter John Lee
Manager for Marketing: Bill Flynn

Trainer: Pierre Pagel
Office Hours: Mo - Fr 09.00 - 17.00
official Homepage:

DEG Metro Stars

DEG Eishockey GmbH
Brehmstr. 27a
40239 Duesseldorf
Managing Director: Elmar Schellenkamp -
Manager of Sports: Lance Nethery (from April 2005)
Trainer: Don Jackson (from April 2005)
Manager of Sports and Trainer: Butch Goring (till March 2005)
Office Hours:
Mo, Di09.00 - 17.00
Mi09.00 - 14.00
Do09.00 - 18.00
Fr09.00 - 14.00
At Homegames2 Hours before Start of Game
official Homepage:

Frankfurt Lions

Limited Company

Frankfurt Lions Eishockey GmbH
Manager: Karl-Heinz Fliegauf (from April 2005)
Manager for Sports: Berni Johnson
Trainer: Lance Nethery (till April 2005)
Office Hours:
Monday till Friday10.00 - 18.00 Uhr
At Homegamestill 15.00
official Homepage:

ERC Ingolstadt "Panther"

Limited Company

ERC Ingolstadt Eishockeyhockeyclub GmbH
Traenktorstr. 12
85049 Ingolstadt

Managing Partners:
- Lutz Dreisbach
- Jürgen Arnold
Managing Director: Josef Lehner

Manager of Sports and Trainer: Jim Boni
Office Hours:

official Homepage:

Iserlohner Roosters

Limited Company

Iserlohner Rooster GmbH
Seeuferstr. 25
58636 Iserlohn

Managing Direktors:
- Wolfgang Brück
- Josef Jost
Mitarbeiter fuer Sportbereich: Teal Fowler

Trainer: Greg Poss
Office Hours:
official Homepage:

Kassel Huskies

EC Kassel Huskies Sportmanagement GmbH
Email: - aen 18.10.07

Chief of Office: Ingrid Denk
Manager: Joe Gibbs -
Manager for Public Relations

Trainer: Milan Mokros - aen 10.04.2005
Office Hours: 09.00 - 15.00
official Homepage:

Kölner Haie - Cologne Sharks

Limited Company

Kölner Eishockey Gesellschaft "die Haie" GmbH
Gummersbacher Strasse 4
50679 Köln-Deutz
Managing Directior of the Company:
- Thomas Eichin (Administration, Fincance, Marketing)
- Holger Rathke (Public Relations, Events)
Trainer: Hans Zach
official Homepage:

Krefeld Pinguine

Limited Company - aen 27.03.05

Krefeld Pinguine Eishockey GmbH
Westparkstr. 111
47803 Krefeld
Email: here - hier
Manager of the Company: Wolfgang Schäfer
Trainer: Bob Leslie (till 31.03.2005)
official Homepage: - aen 27.03.05

Adler Mannheim - Eagles Mannheim

Limited Company - aen 15.05.04

Adler Mannheim Eishockey SpielbetriebsgmbH ' Co. KG
Buero A 3,2
68159 Mannheim
Mangementdirector: Matthias Binder
Manager for Sports: Markus Kuhl
Manager for Public Relations:

- Matthias Fries
- Dag Heydecker

Trainer: Helmut deRaaf
Office Hours: Mo-Fr 09.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 17.00 Uhr
official Homepage:

Nuernberg - Nürnberg Ice Tigers

Limited Company - aen 02.04.05

Nürnberg Tigers Eishockey GmbH
Email: aen 18.10.07
Manager: Otto Sykora
Trainer: Greg Poss (till March 2005) Benoite Laporte (from April 2005)
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 09.00-12.00, 14.00 - 17.00 CET
official Homeapage:

Hannover Scorpions

Limited Company

Hannover Scorpions Eishockey BetriebsgmbH
Expo-Plaza 7
30521 Hannover
Managing Director: Marco Stichnoth
official Homepage: - aen 11.09.04
Trainer: Gunnar Leiborg

Hamburg Freezers

- aen 13.02.03

Hamburg Eishockey GmbH
Schnackenburgallee 117
22525 Hamburg
Manging Direktor: Boris Capla
Teammanager: Paul Carner (from April 2005)
Trainer: Mike Schmidt
official Homepage:

Freiburg Wolves - Wölfe

Die Wölfe Eishockeyveranstaltungs GmbH
official Homepage:


EHC Grizzly Adams Playingmode Company, Inc

EHC Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg Betriebs GmbH
c/o EHC Wolfsburg
Im Allerpark 5
D-38448 Wolfsburg
official homepage:
Managing Direktor
Trainer Stefan Mikes

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